Sunday, 30 April 2017


Due to the ongoing coastal erosion and the need to safeguard the 1st green and 2nd tees, which were very much under threat, the decision was made to move the rocks protecting the 3rd tees and move them to help protect the 1st and 2nd. Although not ideal as it meant sacrificing the 3rd tee, it was the only option available to MGLL at the time.

Below is a photo gallery of the work carried out to create the new tee complex.

The existing top tee eroding away.

The view from the site of new bottom tee prior to work being carried out..

View from the site of the top tee prior to work being carried out.

Removing turf from the old winter tee.

                                                       Post going in to mark the boundary of the new tees.

JCB levelling the site.

Looking towards the 3rd green.

3rd green in the distance.

Sub soil roughly levelled.

Irrigation pipework being installed.

                                                                 The first section levelled with root zone.

Ongoing levelling work.

Top tee levelled.

Turfing underway.

Turfing progressing well.

Tee nearing completion.

 View of the completed lower tee.

Top tee complete.

Topdressing surfaces with sand.

Sprinklers in use for the first time.

The work that has been carried to create a new tee complex together with the extra rock protection at the 2nd tees will ensure that golf can continue to be played over these opening holes. However this is not a long term solution but it will give us a bit of time, with  the hope that something more permanent can be undertaken to stop the erosion that is eating into our historic links.

Les Rae,
First Assistant,
Montrose Golf Links Limited.

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