Saturday, 18 March 2017


The Woodland Trust have been running a " Free trees for schools and communities" scheme which offered  a variety of different tree packs to applicants that fitted their criteria. Fortunately Montrose Golf Links was successful and we recently received a Wildlife pack. In total it contained 105 trees, spiral guards and canes. 6 different species of trees were included in the pack.
Trees, spiral guards and canes arrived by post.

105 Trees, 6 different varieties.

An area of rough ground to the right of the 10th Medal hole had previously been planted out with a mixture of native trees including Silver Birch, Rowan and Hawthorn. The pack from the Woodland Trust also included these 3 species so we planted around 70 of the trees in this area to compliment what was already there. 

Ricky starting the planting to the right of the 10th Medal fairway.

The area to left of the 18th Broomfield fairway was chosen for the remaining trees. We already have a couple of small stands of pine trees which help screen and protect the adjacent houses and nursery school. This area is also home to our bug hotel and a number of bird nest boxes so hopefully these new wildlife attracting trees will enhance this area.

Planting to the left of the 18th Broomfield fairway beside our bug hotel.

Rompers nursery school and their children have previously helped sow an area with wild flower seed and were keen to involve their kids in the tree planting. We chose Silver Birch to plant next to their nursery. We had 8 helpers aged 3- 4 who were all very keen to get involved and showed a great interest in the planting.

Watching how its done.

Getting a helping hand.

Another tree planted.
Firming up around a newly planted trees.

More firming up around a tree.

Putting a guard and cane around one of the trees.

As the children left to go back to their class they could be heard telling each other which tree they had planted and that it was their one.
 Hopefully the enthusiasm that the children showed will continue and they will want to discover more about the outdoors. the golf course and the wildlife that is on their doorstep.

Les Rae,
First Assistant,
Montrose Golf Links Limited.