Wednesday, 23 April 2014


                                         Fertiliser being applied to 14th Medal Fairway.
                                     .    1st Green on Medal Course being rolled with the Greens
                                          iron to maintain pace and smoothness.
                                          Aeration work taking place on 1st Medal Green.
                                          This is done to relieve surface compaction and to allow air
                                          penetrate through the soil profile.



For anyone  not familiar with Montrose Golf Links there are 2 golf courses, the Medal and the Broomfield. They cover an area of 100 hectares. The courses lie between Montrose and the sea and are traditional links courses sitting on sand with minimal top soil. They are free draining and low in fertility.  Approximately 60  hectares are left relatively unmanaged, the majority of these out of  play areas consist of either natural dune land grasses or stands of gorse.
Unmanaged dune grasses at the 3rd Medal hole.
  The mix between the short maintained grass of the fairways etc and areas of long un-cut rough, together with the gorse cover, provide a varied habitat for a large number of animals, birds, insects and plants.
Gorse surrounding the 3rd Broomfield Green.

April is normally the month that the irrigation system is checked and turned back on after the winter shut down. While checking the irrigation boxes that are located around the courses  frogs and occasionally toads are found thriving in the dark damp conditions that these boxes provide.

2 of the many frogs living in the irrigation boxes.

Frog on an irrigation box.

An area of ground to the right of the 14th Medal green has been developed into a small wetland area. It was always low lying but over the last 3 years we have we have excavated it down closer to the water table. Since this time reeds and rushes have flourished and spread naturally, last year was the first time that frog spawn was spotted in this area. Again this year there is frog spawn evident.

Wetland area to the right of the 14th Medal green.

This years frog spawn .

Next month, I will give an insight into one of the environmental measures that we have implemented in regards to  washing down course machinery and the waste water produced.

Les Rae
First Assistant
Montrose Golf Links Limited