Friday, 10 February 2017


Between November 2016 and January 2017 Angus council, together with their contractors, carried out rock moving work adjacent to the 2nd and 3rd holes of the Medal course.
 Prior to the recent work both the 2nd and 3rd tees had been protected by rock armour, however over time the area to the front and rear of the 2nd tee had been eaten away by the sea, while at the 3rd it was cutting in behind the main tee and threatening the medal tee.
 If the rocks at the 2nd had been left the way they were then the first green would soon have been under threat. With no other short term options available to Montrose Links Limited it was agreed that the rocks from the 3rd would be removed and re-sited to the north and south of the 2nd tee to help protect the 1st green and protect the area to the rear between the tee and the beach access ramp
Unfortunately, it was acknowledged that by carrying out this, the existing 3rd tees would soon succumb to the sea and new tees would have to be built slightly further in land.

Work starting beside the access ramp.

Rock armour from the 3rd being moved to the ramp area.

Increased protection to the access ramp.

Looking back from the 2nd tee towards the access ramp. Rock from the
3rd was used to protect this area.

With the area to the front of the 2nd tee severely under threat it was agreed to extend the rock armour approximately 30 yard further north to help protect the 1st green and out towards the start of the 2nd fairway.

An example of how bad the erosion has become. this photo was taken
looking back towards the 2nd tee from what was the path to the 2nd fairway.

Rock protection to the front of the 2nd tee prior to work.

Starting to protect the front of the 2nd tee with the rock from the 3rd tee,
which can be seen in the distance.

Continuing work to the front of the 2nd tee.

Rocks now in place.
After the rocks from the 3rd tee had been removed it didn't take long for the sea to start eating away and the erosion has already crept onto the back of the main tee. It had been hoped that we would still be able to use these tees for a few months at the start of the season however this is now highly unlikely.

Erosion to the rear of the 3rd tee.

Work to create new tees is in progress and it is hoped that these will be completed sometime in February.
 All of the above should ensure that golf can still be played over these threatened first 3 holes in the immediate future. However it is far from ideal and is only a short term solution as the erosion will continue to bite into our historic old links if left to its own devises.

Les Rae,
First Assistant,
Montrose Golf Links Limited,