Friday, 19 February 2016


During a day of heavy rain Paul and myself constructed a number of  nest boxes. We used scrap wood and old pallets that we had lying around the sheds to build 6 Tit, 2 open fronted and 2 Kestrel / Owl boxes. Natural nest sites for many birds, especially members of the  the Tit family are very limited on the links so hopefully this will help promote and enhance the bird life around the 2 courses.

A few of the newly built boxes.

The Kestrel box prior to staining.

Once built all the boxes were stained to ensure that they would last longer and blend in better with their surroundings.

The week following on from Valentines day has for a number of years been national nest box week. Organised by the British Trust for Ornithology it encourages everyone to try and help bird life by erecting artificial nest boxes. Many birds are struggling, with numerous species declining rapidly in numbers. Hopefully the small measures that we are taking will go some way in helping.

Ricky erecting one of the Tit boxes in a willow tree during national nest box week.

A Tit box on one of the pines growing on the Broomfield course.

One of the open fronted nest boxes

A larger box on the gable end of the old cottage (Greenkeepers sheds ).

Hopefully a few of the boxes will get used this coming season, we have already seen Blue and Coal Tits entering a few of the boxes and there is a fair chance that they are using them to roost in during the cold winter nights.

This just one of a number of minimal cost ecology initiatives that we plan to carry out over the next few years. Although our main aim is to maintain and present the courses to their best, I believe that both golf and wildlife can work hand in hand. I have no doubt that this can be achieved and very much enhanced by giving nature a helping hand. Hopefully everyone that uses the golf courses, be it season ticket holders, visitors etc, can gain as much pleasure as I do from the abundance of flora and fauna that can be seen all over the Links.

Les Rae,
First Assistant,
Montrose Golf Links Limited.