Tuesday, 1 September 2015


If you are out on the Medal course in the next couple of weeks keep a look out for this small flower. The plant grows to between 7-30cm in height and has white flowers which are streaked with purple lines. Eyebright is semi- parasitic, feeding off the nutrients from the roots of nearby grasses and other plants such as clover and plantains. For this reason it is quite a useful plant in terms of keeping vigorous grasses at bay in order that wild flowers thrive.
 A close up photo of Eyebright.

The plant seems to be thriving on the links this year with lots to be seen around the Medal course, especially in the rough bordering the 5th, 6th, and 7th holes.
One of the many patches of Eyebright that can be seen on the Medal course.

Over the years herbalists have used many parts of the plant for a number of remedies including treating eye strain and to relieve inflammation caused by colds, sore throats and hay fever.

Les Rae,
First Assistant,
Montrose Golf Links Limited.